Chemical Grouting

Seal leaks and cracks with our cutting-edge chemical grouting services. Our skilled technicians inject polyurethane into all leaks in manhole chambers, creating an impermeable barrier that permanently seals off water infiltration. We are your number one stop for manhole injections in Ottawa. Benefit from a noninvasive technique that saves you time and money, providing same-day readiness for inspections. 


Enhance the durability of your manhole chamber walls with our expert parging services. Our skilled team applies a specialized mortar coating, fortifying the structural integrity of the walls and preventing water ingress. Parging not only strengthens but also beautifies, ensuring your manhole chambers meet the highest standards of performance and aesthetics.


Seal the vulnerable areas within your manhole chamber with our precision benching services. Our technicians skillfully create secure and watertight benching structures, reinforcing the structural foundation and minimizing the risk of water infiltration. Trust Poly-N-Jex to fortify the core of your manhole chambers with expert benching techniques.

Ladder Rung Installation

Ascend to safety with our ladder wrung repair and installation services. Ensure the reliability of your manhole access points by trusting our skilled team to repair or install secure ladder rungs. We prioritize safety and accessibility, providing you with confidence in the functionality and resilience of your manhole infrastructure.


We are firm believers in integrity so we weigh our product for each service, ensuring accuracy in amounts used for billing.

Our hourly rates include: truck, trailer, equipment, tools, insurance, materials, fuel, and come with a minimum of 2 operators along with price transparency.

Any additional materials used will be charged accordingly and agreed upon prior to services rendered; such as cement mix, quick plug, ladder rungs, and manhole lids etc. 

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We strive to be industry leaders in delivering excellence and reliability in every facet of manhole rehabilitation at a fraction of the cost!