What is Chemical Grouting?

Chemical grouting is a powerful technique used for repairing leaks in manholes and other concrete structures. It prevents water infiltration and stabilizes the soil outside and around the manholes.

  • Chemical grouting involves injecting polyurethane chemical grouts into or near leaks in concrete structures.
  • Upon contact with water, a chemical reaction occurs, resulting in either:
    • Closed-cell foam: This flexible and resilient foam bonds with the concrete, forming a watertight, permanent seal.
    • Non-cellular gel: This rigid foam fills voids and stabilizes soil.
  • It’s an effective solution for non-structural defects in manholes, such as:
    • Brick manholes
    • Cast-in-place manholes
    • Pipe penetrations
    • Pre-Cast Manholes

How Does it Work?

  • Drill a hole near the leak.
  • Inject chemical grout through the wall into the water source.
  • As the resin reacts with groundwater, it seals the leak from the outside, creating a watertight barrier through the entire wall.

Poly-N-Jex provides a cost-effective, long-term defense against groundwater infiltration, permanently ensuring stability and preventing sanitary sewer overflows. Our experts are Ottawa's trusted source for injecting and stopping leaks in manholes. 

Why Choose Chemical Grouting?

Chemical grouting is a preferred choice for manholes due to its numerous advantages:

  • Permanent Solution: Chemical grouting provides a long-lasting seal that can often outlast the life of the manhole itself. Once applied, it effectively prevents water infiltration and leaks.

  • Immediate Results: When dealing with leaks, time is critical. Chemical grouting acts swiftly, sealing leaks within minutes, ensuring immediate protection against water ingress.

  • Cost-Effective: Repairing manholes using chemical grouting is cost-efficient. It eliminates the need for extensive excavation and replacement, saving both time and money. It also stop leaks in a fraction of the time saving labour costs and timely delays.

  • Structural Integrity: Before undertaking structural repairs or rehabilitation, addressing active infiltration is essential. Chemical grouting ensures the integrity of the manhole structure by stopping leaks.

  • Non-Invasive Installation Process: The process involves drilling a hole near the leak and injecting chemical grout through the wall. As the resin reacts with groundwater, it forms a watertight barrier.

Poly-N-Jex offers Ottawa contractors reliable, efficient, and durable chemical grouting injections aswell as other solutions for maintaining manhole integrity.